'Marram' Cover Reveal

Cover reveal time, this is it! And yes, I am very excited, especially as I’ve recently heard it’s coming out in hardback.


I’m just home after a writing week on Islay when I sent my final final final Marram edits back to the team at Sandstone Press. Three writer friends and I were staying in an old school house on the shores of Loch Indaal. The colours on the Marram cover matched the view from our window across the loch to Bowmore, and to those enticing Paps of Jura beyond. ‘Indaal’ means division or delay, from the times when boats would come into the loch to shelter from storms, or during periods of flat calm when they would wait there for the wind to pick up.


The week on Islay - rich with sharing words and Bruichladdich, playing Scrabble and falling under the spell of barnacle geese - feels like a division in itself. I officially finished working on Marram, and reconnected with the novel which I’d put on hold just over two years ago when I began working on Marram. I feel daunted by the project ahead but it is one I believe in, and one I want to finish no matter what crazy stirred-up places it takes me to - one word, one wing beat, one oar-stroke at a time.


A few of my favourite words from Scrabble last week, (highly recommend not playing for a score, less becomes more).


Tout, weft, toad and yaw 

fins, pearl, raven and shore

grail, toad, dirk and avatar,

dinted, ovine, vie and mica.